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Reading Material for the Weekend

Here are some of the posts and articles I have been reading during the past few weeks!


Magic Can Be Normal – At first blush, bringing an eight-year-old to one of William Shakespeare’s quirkier plays in an effort to help her see herself, an Asian American girl, in popular culture did seem a rather odd decision. But then I remembered the flash of delighted surprise I felt when I saw my first Olivia: the same surprise I felt, still feel, whenever I catch a glimpse of a fellow Asian in a place I did not expect.

The Many Faces of Tatiana Maslany – In portraying a horde of clones on ‘Orphan Black,’ the actress has created TV’s strangest — and most sophisticated — meditation on  femininity.

Notes from a Baby-Names ObsessiveMy son was almost due. What would I call him?

Outlaw pastor Rob Bell shakes up the Bible Belt – Going to hear a pastor preach on a Sunday afternoon is considered an act of piety. But when that pastor is Bell and he’s speaking in the heart of the Bible Belt, it’s subversive. 

Who Was She? A DNA Test Only Opened New Mysteries – How Alice Collins Plebuch’s foray into “recreational genomics” upended a family tree.


Alexandra Franzen: 35 things you can do instead of start a blog

Lavender Moon: My Top 5 Essential Oils For Camping and Affordable Witchcraft: 7 Inexpensive Essentials

Tarot by Hilary: How to read tarot? It’s as easy as telling a story…

Trout Nation: The Big D*mn Writer Advice Column and The Big D*mn Buffy Recap S03   E20: “The Prom”


What interesting posts or articles have you read this weekend? What did you think of my selections? Let’s discuss!


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