The Sims

The Sims 4: The Redmonds, Generation 1.3


I haven’t been simming much lately, but I was feeling pretty under the weather this weekend, and it seemed like a good time for a sims marathon.



Quick reminder: the family at the beginning of this weekend’s sim sessions consisted of founder Katherine Redmond, her husband Eric Lewis…




Their oldest four children: Jackson, Viola, Briar, and Emma…




Also youngest daughter, Tansy, much to the displeasure of the other three girls.

Let’s talk about the kids’ development this weekend one at a time!



While I adore Jackson and he was a steady, reliable presence in the house (and really good with his siblings), he was never the most exciting sim to have around. He seemed like he was putting in the time until he could become an adult and marry his boyfriend, Alexander Goth.




It took him a while, but he finally made it to his birthday…




He promptly went over to Alexander’s house, got their relationship back up (Alexander became a Young Adult quite a ways before Jackson did, and didn’t really visit afterwards), married him in the bathroom, and got pregnant with their first kid. And, being Jackson, he still visits the rest of his family nonstop.



Outgoing troll child Viola remained the queen of facial expressions. For all that she’s the quickest to get pressed about things, she still gets along really well with everyone else… most of the time.



She maintained her magnificent range of facial expressions after becoming a Teen, of course!



Viola is one of her parents’ favorite kids (in other words, one of the ones they roll up wants to interact with the most frequently), so she’s an heir contender. Even after she grows up, I’m going to keep her in the house until I decide who the generation 2 heir is. She’s not my favorite of the kids, and left to my own devices I probably wouldn’t have had her in the running, but she’s such a good combo of her parents that I won’t be pressed if she becomes the heiress.




And she’s already met chosen future spouse: Whitley Corbett!




Viola also has the distinction of being the first/only Redmond kid so far who wanted to have a job as a Teen. She’s a fry cook, and she and I are both really hoping she’ll get promoted one of these days. I admit, it’s nice to have the extra income: Eric is still only making 300/some simoleons per shift.



Briar is a cute, sweet, mercifully chill girl to have around.




She randomized as a Family sim, like her mom, and reminds me a lot of Katherine, too.




She also looks rather alarmingly like Jennifer Lawrence to me!

She’s not in the running for heirship: while I do really like her, she’s just not the one. She and Jackson are best friends, so right now my plan is for Briar to move into the Goth house with him & Alexander when she becomes a Young Adult.



She has also found her future spouse: I had to download a few families from the Gallery, since my unplayed sims don’t seem to be procreating. One of the new arrivals, Stacy Gallo, really hit it off with Briar!


Emma started the weekend out as a really adorable toddler! (I admit, I have a soft spot for toddlers who randomize wearing glasses.)



She grew up to be an intense, interesting-looking kid! I’m looking forward to seeing her as a Teen. (Which will happen in less than 2 sim days!) And yes, when that happens I’ll change her eyebrow color.


Just like her siblings, Tansy was an absurdly cute toddler!




She’s also one of her parents’ favorite kids, and a really interesting combo of them, so she’s the other Redmond on the short list to be the generation two heir! At this point, anyway…



Eric rolled up the want to try for a baby, and of course it worked, so now there are six generation two Redmond kids! And Katherine is four days away from Adulthood, so there could totally be more if I’m feeling super indulgent.




Baby #6 proved to be their second son, and yet another cute, who I named Bran!



Eric’s daughter from his first marriage, Olivia, reached Young Adulthood this weekend as well, so I went ahead and got her settled! She had a whirlwind romance with Samson, and they got married within roughly half a day of their first meeting. ^^ They have a son, Tyrone, who’s a little bit older than Bran.



She still makes time to come by and wreak havoc on her family, though. Oh, Evil sims…



Family Pictures





Any thoughts on heirship so far? Are you leaning more toward Viola, Tansy, or someone else entirely? Let’s discuss!


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