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Deck Overview: Sun & Moon Tarot

51sO3OPnHQL._SX293_BO1,204,203,200_“With fresh, contemporary artwork, Sun and Moon Tarot gives a modern twist to ancient spiritual symbols. By playfully incorporating mythology and astrology, Vanessa Decort brings unique interpretations to traditional tarot, presenting a deck that is both insightful and accessible.”

I purchased the Sun and Moon Tarot last summer, and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s a beautiful, unique deck with a lot of references and symbolism to it. The colors and themes of each suit are absolutely stunning, and there are so many striking Major cards, too. Visually it’s one of my absolute favorite decks.

Here is my Sun & Moon Tarot overview! (A guide to all previous deck overviews can be found here.)



Writer & Illustrator: Vanessa Decort

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Card size: 2.75″ x 4.75″

Card back design:


Container: Small box

Guidebook information: The classic little white book. It’s a palm-sized, white, 41-page pamphlet (with five extra, blank pages for notes at the end). There are a few introduction to tarot pages (including a quick segment on finding your personal archetype via numerology), then summaries of each card. These are about a paragraph each and briefly sketch the meaning of each card, as well as astrological and planetary associations. Most of the description is devoted to sketching the symbolism contained in each card. The ending pages consist of a brief section about reading the cards, and a biography of the author.

Suit names: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, Wands

Court card names: Princesses, Princes, Queens, Kings

General impressions: This is one of the more distinctive decks in my collection–while primarily Rider-Waite based, there are Thoth elements to the deck as well. The deck features concept terms written directly on the cards, unlike with any of my other decks, and the images tie in a lot of numerological, astrological, and Kabbalah related symbolism. The guidebook does highlight the symbols briefly, but of course does not have room to explain them in depth.
As visual experiences go, this deck is incredible. The colors are so vivid, and I love the different looks of each suit. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the characters not having faces, but it doesn’t throw me at all in my readings. I actually really like that.
This is definitely a very individual deck with a lot of energy and a feel all its own, and I love having it in my collection.

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Deck Interview:

(As a reminder, I use Noble Lion’s Deck Interview spread. I also provide excerpts from the decks’ guidebooks, so that you can get an idea of what they are like.)


1) Please Introduce Yourself: The Two of Wands
Keyword: Determination

IMG_20171112_225809399.jpgGuidebook Summary: “Mars in Aries. Everything is under control. Energy directed toward new paths. Actively seeking fresh challenges. This card depicts shadows and light, yin and yang, balance and integration.”

My Interpretation:
 I wasn’t surprised when this deck introduced itself with a card with a lot of energy! It’s reminiscent of the idea of The Fool, but it feels like more of a fierce adventurer than the carefree, wandering Fool to me! Look at that stance! The body language in so many of these cards is just incredible.


2) Your Strengths as a Deck: The Eight of Pentacles
Keyword: Prudence

Guidebook Summary: “Sun in Virgo. Motivation and self-discipline. Learning and perfecting new skills. The image of growing fruit represents working diligently toward a goal, with an eye for detail and organization.”

My Interpretation: This card’s link to learning and perfecting new skills really goes hand in hand with the Two of Wands’ search for fresh challenges. The element of self-control is present in this card, too. This card goes perfectly with the Two of Wands as a strength. (Side note: this is actually one of my favorite cards in the entire deck!)


3) Your Limitations as a Deck: The Princess of Pentacles


Guidebook Summary: “Earth of earth. Study and education. The pregnant woman embodies fertility and growth. Birth of new creative forms. The symbols on the mandala shield illustrate balance. The flowers provide a connection with mother earth and the seasons.”

My Interpretation: While this is another card about studying and education, this reminded me a lot more of The Empress than of either of the cards we’ve seen previously. My immediate thought was that this card would suggest that this isn’t a good deck to use for creative projects. It’s a deck to be used for real people. The designs jumped out at me, too: the Eight of Pentacles is tending to a rooted plant, while the Princess’s flowers are floating on the air. This is a deck that is firmly planted in the real world, not the world of dreams. To me this suggests that it’s more of a cerebral, practical deck, not a nurturing deck for creative work.


4) What Can I Learn From You: The Three of Swords
Keyword: Sorrow

Guidebook Summary: “Saturn in Libra. Grief and negative thinking. Three swords pierce a heart-shaped cloud revealing painful thoughts concerning love and the trinity of the family–man, woman, and child–or a choice that breaks the heart.”

My Interpretation: This one really threw me! However, at the time I tried thinking outside the box, and it occurred to me that I struggle a lot with negative thinking. I referred back to the previous cards and decided that in this context it meant that the deck would teach me ways to overcome that negative thinking and take action. Or, to take the design of the card literally, it’s a deck for piercing through thoughts and dreams and not letting them affect the real world.



5) What is the Best Way to Work With You: The Tower

Guidebook Summary: “Linked with Mars. Associated with healing, renewal, and destruction of old forms. If we do not release ourselves, the pressure will mount until something erupts. The Tower of Babel indicates misleading speech, chaos, or opening the eyes. Lightning releases us from delusions and illuminates wisdom, mysteries and structure. Fire burns away the old forms and useless conditions. The eye of Horus evokes the Egyptian god of perception, realization, and clairvoyance. The Hebrew character Pei is the symbol of the mouth, and represents communication.”

My Interpretation: I’ve read enough about The Tower now that I’m actually fond of this card, so while it gave me a jolt to turn it over it made me smile, too. In this spot, I tied it back in with the previous cards, especially the Three of Swords, and decided it meant that the best way to work with it is to be honest with myself and open to possibilities, change, and to doing away with things I no longer need.


6) Outcome of Our Relationship: The Seven of Pentacles
Keyword: Failure

Guidebook Summary: “Saturn in Taurus. Fear of failure. Limited productivity and performance. You need to patiently evaluate the process and persevere in order for something to develop. Let go of fear of failure.”

My Interpretation: I had a bit of a Moment when I turned this one over, for sure! But when I read the description, it made sense. This links right back to the previous cards, especially the Eight of Pentacles and the Three of Swords. I can give in to the fear of failure and keep on with the negative thinking, or I can diligently persevere (Eight of Pentacles) until I get past it (the Three of Swords); in other words, I can wipe out the old ways of thinking that have kept me stuck in various ways and replace them with something better (The Tower).



Do you have any more questions about this deck? Do you own it, or are you thinking about buying it? Do you have any recommendations for me based on this deck? Let’s discuss!

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