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The Sims 4: The Redmonds, Generation 1.4

This week I realized that I’ve been taking entirely the wrong approach with my sims–instead of playing them on the weekends, I should play them after work, when I’m too tired in the evenings to accomplish more important tasks. So I simmed every evening this week, and quite a few things occurred in game! Birthdays, a marriage, Katherine & Eric’s first shared grandchild–and, yes, baby #7.




Left to right: Tansy, Briar, Jackson, Bran, Katherine, Eric, Viola, Emma

After the last update, the Redmond family consisted of eight members: founder Katherine, her husband Eric Lewis, sons Jackson and Bran, and daughters Viola, Briar, Emma, and Tansy.

As always, let’s take this update’s events one child at a time…




Jackson, as you may recall, ended the last update by getting married to Alexander Goth and pregnant with their first child.




He still visited his family constantly and remained close to his parents and siblings.




I also had Katherine & Viola visit him so that Katherine could meet her first grandchild–Alexander and Jackson’s son, Ibrahim! I just can’t get over how precious he is.





Last weekend Viola reached two milestones: she became a teenager, and she found her future spouse, Whitley Corbett.




Viola became a young adult this week! Normally this is when I move sims out, but since she’s still in the running for heirship she stayed in the house.




And yes, she is still… quite something, good lord.



She wanted to switch career tracks, understandably, so she became the first sim in my game to start on the Criminal path. This means she’s also teaching me all about these Mischief interactions, since she’s the first sim in my game to build up her Mischief skill. It’s kind of horrible, but also the results of pickpocketing are¬†astounding.




Viola is honestly my favorite for heirship at this point. She’s really different from Katherine, she’s a good genetic combo of Katherine & Eric, I’ve never played a sim in the Criminal track before, and she’s really entertaining. And, to top it all off, I really like her future wife. ^^





Last weekend Briar also became a teen and met her future spouse–hers a Community downloaded sim named Stacy Gallo.




Briar is one of my favorites in this entire generation, but I still ruled her out of the heirship. She’s really reminiscent of Katherine in multiple ways, including her aspiration, and while that’s really cool it would have felt repetitive. (Though honestly, if I were doing double heirs in this legacy I probably would have kept her around!)




After Briar became a Young Adult, I moved her into the Goth house, since she and Jackson are best friends. After a whirlwind night she and Stacy got married and Briar became pregnant with their first child.





Last week Emma became a child.¬†Sadly, Emma has kind of fallen through the cracks for me. I really like her, but she doesn’t stand out as much as the others, so I don’t entirely know what to say about her.




Emma became a teen this week! She might be the most striking looking of the siblings.




She also had rough luck in the romance department–there’s one guy who wasn’t interested in her no matter how hard I tried, and a really great woman who would have been ideal… except she’s already a Young Adult. ;; She’ll be a good backup plan, but I might see if I can find Emma someone else now, unless of course I end up too distracted by the rest of the family.

She’ll be a Young Adult in 5-6 days so she’ll have some more time at the house, much to everyone’s happiness, including my own. ^^





Last weekend Tansy went from being a newborn to being a child.




Tansy also became a teen this week! She grew up looking particularly middle-aged, so I tried to change her appearance a little to make her look younger. One of the things I do wish the game would improve on is the teens’ look–sims basically look the same from teenhood to adulthood, and it bugs me. In The Sims 2 they managed to look distinctly younger as teens, and I wish that were possible in The Sims 4, too. I think I also need to get a game pack or two with good stuff for teens, since there’s not a lot of it in the base game. Do you have any recommendations?





Bran was last weekend’s new addition to the family.




Just like the rest of his siblings, he was really precious–though since he was Clingy, he could also get on my nerves a little. ;; But he seemed very much like the quintessential youngest to me in that regard, too.




He became a Child this week! Just like the others, he’s very cute. He’s another family favorite, but he’s so much younger than the others that I’ve ruled him out of the running for heirship.

He’s actually a really great youngest child. It’s too bad Katherine didn’t agree…






Katherine rolled up yet another want to try for a baby. Since I’m trying to let my sims live the lives they want to live, and since she’s a Family sim, I decided to just sigh and let her make her own choices. It took a couple of tries (she rolled up the want twice, actually, and the first time it didn’t work) but she got pregnant with baby #7.




Eric, who became an elder this week and would rather be spending his money on paintings and new possessions to admire (his aspiration is to be a Mansion Baron, and he’s Materialistic), wasn’t as thrilled as she was.




I ended my gameplay session on Friday after Katherine gave birth to the seventh (and hopefully final) Redmond, Loretta!





Olivia actually didn’t visit this week, but I did finally get a glimpse of her son, Tyrone!



Family Pictures





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