The Sims

The Sims 4: The Redmonds Generation 2.5

Will this be the last Redmonds update of 2017 or will I be able to squeeze one more in? Who can say…

Don’t forget, here is the Redmond Legacy Table of Contents and the Redmond Legacy Profiles!



Previously on the Redmonds: Katherine was dead but far from gone, as her ghost continued to put in appearances. Katherine & Eric’s oldest shared grandchild, Ibrahim (Jackson’s son) grew up, got married, and had triplets. Meanwhile, their youngest child, Loretta, also grew up and got married, though she only had one child, Stephen. As for the main house, oldest son Sailor became a Teen and youngest son Lewis became a Child.



Whitley is sloooowly but surely reaching the next stage of her Aspiration. One of its requirements is for her to have 20 friends, and thanks purely to the family she’s currently at 15!




Speaking of the extended family, the Redmond grandchildren had a few birthdays: Octavia (Briar’s second daughter) became a Child, Deon (Tansy’s son) became a Teen, and Stephen (Loretta’s son) became a Toddler!




But the most important birthday amongst the cousins was Farrah becoming a Young Adult! I moved her into the main house and embarked on a spouse hunt for her. Farrah is one of my favorite gen 3 cousins, if not my absolute favorite, so I had been looking forward to this for a while.




Farrah & I quickly settled on one of the townies, Scarlett Larsen, for her!




Jackson and Briar even blatantly spied on their date, so you know it was meant to be!




(Though that’s not saying much in Jackson’s case–I see him on the Redmonds’ lot so frequently that I sometimes wonder if he spends any time in his own house!)




But the point is, Farrah is now happily married! She and Scarlett have a baby daughter, Genevieve.




I moved Farrah & Scarlett back into the Goth house, since Farrah’s mom, Briar, lives here. I was able to spend a little time watching Alexander and Jackson, and reflected sadly that for as much as I like them together, I never really played them or saw them together much!




I also spent a little time at Bran & Tansy’s house. It’s been bothering me that Katherine & Eric had 11 grandchildren, since I like the number 12 so much more than I like the number 11, so I was hoping that one of their younger kids would decide they wanted another baby. (Other than Viola, whose wishes for baby #5 I heartlessly ignored. I like her having the horde of close-in-age boys, and I was so not up for raising yet another late in the game main house kid.) Bran finally obliged, and he and Edith had a second daughter, Laurie!




Which is great, because I really like their older daughter, Sydney!




Back at the main house, Sailor is mostly a flop at the whole Evil sim thing. For example, I tried to have him be mean to Victor since he’d had that want rolled for a few days, but Sailor just stood around idly until I gave up and cancelled the interaction instead. SIMS.



And considering that even Katherine’s ghost cut loose and destroyed the dollhouse, I’m starting to wonder if said dollhouse just brings out the worst in people somehow.




There wasn’t a whole lot to report about the first part of playing the main house. Everything went along as normal (minus Farrah’s brief stay with them) until twins Victor & Yuri became Teens!




Yuri has my favorite combination of genes (Sailor leans too much toward Viola, while Victor leans too much toward Whitley) but Victor is the one who has an aspiration I’ve never played before.

(And remember, Victor is the one who wears red, and Yuri is the one who wears blue!)




More family bonding (including/especially with the extended family members) and day to day life occurred, and not a lot was really worth photographing…




Until I decided to take the oldest three boys spouse-hunting! I consider all my sims to be pansexual, so I pretty much just let them talk to anyone and see who hits it off with who. The park was full of teen girls this particular evening, and each of the Redmond boys found one they got along well with–Yuri with Ashleigh Harms, Victor with Skye Rains, and Sailor with Christa Mays. Their personalities line up pretty well, too: Christa is Mean & Clumsy, Skye is Good & Cheerful, and Ashleigh is Creative & a Glutton.




Yuri apparently has the most game out of all three boys–by the end of the outing he had gotten his first kiss and he and Ashleigh had agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, whereas his brothers hadn’t even gotten their first kisses yet.




But both boys amended that soon enough!

I think spouse choices are going to play a part in deciding who I choose to be the generation three heir. I’m going to do a post about that after the next update, I think, when I get to play Lewis a little more and get a spouse lined up for him, too. One of the reasons I ultimately went with Viola as the heiress was that I liked Whitley so much, and that decision has definitely worked out for me.




Not that I necessarily expect/demand any future legacy couple to live up to these two! That would be a very tall order, indeed!




Life in the main house kept on keeping on, as I whiled away the sim (and human) hours, waiting for one final event to end the update with…




Lewis’s birthday! I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I love the youngest Redmonds in both generation two and generation three have ended up with dyed hair. And I love that Lewis ended up with traits that really reinforce his Loner trait–it makes it even funnier that he’s actually the most social of the gen 3 main house kids! He maxed his Social as a kid, and it was largely because he kept rolling up the wants to interact with people and get more Social skill points. Bless this game and its logic.




My current plan is to post an heirship discussion post as soon as I find Lewis a future spouse, so that we can all make our choices accordingly. I’m also going to keep the generation three profiles guide updated as I play.


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