5 Favorite Items From the New American Girl Release

I’ve already documented my top five Girl of the Year items here, but American Girl also released a number of other new products at the end of the year, primarily for the WellieWisher and Truly Me lines! I was able to see them in person on New Year’s Day. Here are my top five new items American Girl gave us at the end of 2017!


Chameleon Terrarium Set

FLM67_Chameleon_Terrarium_Set_1I really enjoy it when American Girl thinks outside the box when it comes to their pets. Last year’s hamster was a cute addition to the line, and so is this year’s chameleon! Between Lea’s animals (the sloth is still one of my favorite things AG has ever released), Caroline’s calf, the hamster and chameleon, and how American Girl finally seems to have discovered how to provide us with cute cats (compare the current Tuxedo Cat to the mother cat and kittens released with Kirsten’s collection, for example!) I’m looking forward to seeing what pets the company gives us next!



Gold Glitter Boots

FLN19_Gold_Glitter_Boots_1I admit, I always enjoy it when American Girl adds more shiny, dazzling shoes to their lineup. While I’m always an advocate of American Girl giving us more basic clothing as well (even their actual target audience likes to have more in their doll wardrobes than pink, pink, and more pink!), there’s something just so shamelessly vibrant about the company’s assortment of sparkling, glittery, sequined shoes, and I just love seeing more pop up. This set of golden boots is no exception!



Mermaid Tee for 18 inch dolls

FLP36_Mermaid_Tee_1A hipster mermaid tee! What’s not to love? The various pieces of the current mix & match set are very hit or miss with me–while I love that a lot of the pieces are really versatile, and are great basic pieces that will work with a lot of American Girl’s other clothes, some of them still just don’t strike me on their own. The mermaid tee definitely does, though! The colors are great, the line will work really well for upcoming spring and summer looks, and the mermaid theme is definitely on trend. Great job, AG!



Rock Star Outfit for WellieWishers Dolls

FLN04_Rock_Star_Outfit_1I just love this little outfit! Look at those shoes! Those leggings! The sunglasses! The colors are bold and the whole look is full of attitude–really, really cute attitude. It’s a little darker (literally, not figuratively) than the rest of the WellieWisher color scheme, but in a style that still really works for the line. I love the idea of Emerson’s latest performing venture being music, and the outfit and guitar that American Girl added to the line both work really well for her.

And speaking of the guitar…



Strings & Wings Guitar

FLN03_Strings_and_Wings_Guitar_1I stumbled on the music items display more or less accidentally (it was very busy in our local American Girl store when I went!) and was immediately charmed by this guitar. I love how the colors and butterfly design mesh so well with the rest of the WellieWishers collection, and it really looks like an instrument a younger girl would dream up. I don’t collect for the WellieWishers and therefore this isn’t on my wish list, but I’m going to enjoy seeing it in the store and around Instagram!



What were your favorite outfits and items from the latest American Girl release?


2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Items From the New American Girl Release”

  1. Enjoyed your post… I always come to appreciate things that didnt jump out at me in the first viewing of the catalog.
    You still reading Hammer of Thor? Love Magnus Chase… got to see RR this fall at release of Ship of the Dead.


    1. It really is interesting how some items can be so underwhelming in pictures but so great in person, and vice versa! And dolls, for that matter.
      Yep, I’m about halfway through Hammer of Thor! I’m absolutely loving it. Magnus might be my favorite Riordan narrator yet.

      Liked by 1 person

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