Recent Readings

Recent Readings

Here are some of the articles, blog posts, and essays I’ve read recently!


Articles & Essays

I was getting buried in clutter. Here’s how I finally got free.In retrospect, it might have helped to look at why I accumulated so much in the first place.

Outraged by Trump, these candidates of color are now running for office : ‘The soul of America is at stake right now’

Record-setting polar explorer, 16, hits back at men who say she belongs in the kitchenAt 16 years old, Australian explorer Jade Hameister is the youngest person to ever complete the polar hat-trick by reaching the North and South Poles and crossing Greenland, but even she has to deal with loudmouth critics who have opined that her place is in the kitchen.

So Hey, How Worried Should I Be About the Flu? : Flu Season 2018: Symptoms to Look Out For and When It’s Over

Teenager delivers hundreds of solar lamps to Puerto Ricans without power : Just days after Maria slammed Puerto Rico, the ninth grader launched a crowdfunding campaign on fundraising platform Generosity. His goal: to raise $100,000 and use the money to buy portable lamps and hand-operated washing machines for residents in the hardest hit parts of Puerto Rico. 

Why evangelicals should rethink the Trump gospelThe choice is stark, unsettling and serious: between what Christians call the “Great Commission” and President’s Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).

Blog Posts

Alexandra Franzen : Get out of the cart.

Apartment Therapy : 12 IKEA Products Every Renter Should Know

Asali Earthwork : Number Patterns In The Tarot

Atlas Obscura : A Tiny New York Town With Not One, But 5 Indie Bookstores

Flare : Liz Worth’s Self Care horoscopes for February (Each sign has its own article)

Huffington Post : The Beautiful Daughter: How My Korean Mother Gave Me the Courage to Transition

Little Red Tarot : The Moon: Your lunar intimacy style and Shop Talk: Towards truly environmental packaging

Maryann Roy : “Bungalow ’59”

Tarot Lady : The Hit List: The Law of Attraction and Common Sense

Virtue Centered Tarot : Why More People Are Choosing Tarot Readers Over Psych Therapy

The Weed : Turning a Unicorn into a Bat: the Post in Which We Announce the End of Our Marriage [Note: Contains discussion of suicide and suicidal thoughts]

Yes and Yes : How to turn a bad day around (even if it’s 8 pm)


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