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Recent Readings

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8 Witches and Healers Of Color to Follow OnlineWitches and workers of color deal with the realities of existing in today’s world and speak from a place that uses healing practices as a way to combat oppression while reclaiming heritage.

100 Women: I want to break the stigma of painful sexOne woman’s story of a decade of wrongly diagnosed sexual pain has inspired a play – and with it, the hope that other women with sexual dysfunction can be helped.

Bodyhackers: Bold, inspiring, and terrifyingOver the past three years, the event has become something of a pilgrimage for those involved in the biohacking scene – a broad spectrum of technologists, trans-humanists and performance artists. This year it also attracted the presence of the US military. And, as I’d find out before I left, it has opened its doors to reckless opportunists.

BTS Speaks Out in Seoul: The K-Pop Megastars Get Candid About Representing a New GenerationNo sound on the planet inspires as obsessive a fandom as K-pop. The “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” of BTS have (finally, for real) imported that mania to America — all in Korean, as they rally dissatisfied millennials around the globe.

Has the Queen become frightfully common?The cut-glass accent of the aristocracy is losing some of its polish – a change that reflects some fundamental changes in British society.

How East and West think in profoundly different waysPsychologists are uncovering the surprising influence of geography on our reasoning, behaviour, and sense of self.

How to spot flu symptomsDuring this fierce and deadly flu season, it’s important to recognize the symptoms that will tell you whether you have the nasty infection — or just a common cold.

In Honor of Black History Month, 10 Heroes You May Not Have Heard OfThese are life stories worth knowing

Our Winged Brains: The Appeal of Winged Creatures in Genre FictionWhy do we like wings so much? What do wings symbolize? What is wrong with them? And, the eternal question: what is wrong with us?

The Rise of the Mean MomsGetting picked on by the popular girl is supposed to end at graduation, but at mommy-meet-ups across the country, women have stopped playing nice. examines what happens when mean girls grow up.

Thresholds of Violence : How school shootings spread.

What Teenagers Are Learning From Online PornAmerican adolescents watch much more pornography than their parents know — and it’s shaping their ideas about pleasure, power and intimacy. Can they be taught to see it more critically?

The world’s most nutritious foodsAfter analysing more than 1,000 raw foods, researchers ranked the ingredients that provide the best balance of your daily nutritional requirements – and they found a few surprises.

Blog Posts

Alexandra Franzen : How do you find clients and customers?

BuzzFeed : What Weird Food Holiday Falls On Your Birthday?

everyday feminism : 10 Practical Ways to Support Someone Struggling Right Now

foodiefelicity : Banana Boost Berry Protein Pancake recipe

K-Bops in K-Pop : BTS Shows: Where to Begin and How to Catch Up

Live to Write – Write to Live : A Review of Clauses and Conjunctions and If you want to write, write! And other infuriating advice

Liz Worth : Why I self-published my latest book (and why I will do it again) and Self-publishing part two: The nitty-gritty

mindbodygreen : 25 Reasons to Do Yoga Every Single Day and A Definitive Guide to Actually Keeping Your Home Spotless

NYLON : Astrology Meets Cocktails: What’s the Best Summer Drink For Your Sign?

Rebelle Society : A Reason Our Brains Love to Procrastinate and The Price of Pleasing

Refinery 29 : Everything you can get for free on your birthday

Scott Woods Makes List : 28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018)

The Tarot Lady : What kind of person

Upworthy : I’m black. My wife is white. We saw ‘Get Out’. This was our conversation afterward.

Yes and Yes : 8 Things I Learned From Doing a 5-Week Spending Diet9 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse23 Ways To Treat Yo’ Self Without Buying Or Eating Anything , and Are You Required to Find + Follow Your Calling?

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