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Recent Readings

Here are some of the articles and blog posts I’ve read recently!



Articles & Essays

How to Raise a ReaderFrom the moment you’re expecting your first child, you are bombarded with messages about the importance of reading. For good reason: The benefits of reading at every stage of a child’s development are well documented. Happily, raising a reader is fun, rewarding and relatively easy.

Meet the Woman Bringing Social Justice to Astrology : Chani Nicholas is transforming horoscopes from quips about finding true love and stumbling into financial good fortune to pointed calls to action

Vermont will pay you up to $10,000 to move thereDo you dream of lush landscapes, beautiful fall foliage, maple syrup on tap and ski trails on your doorstep? If the answer’s yes, fantasize no longer: the Vermont government has pledged to pay some lucky American citizens up to $10,000 to up sticks to the stunning Green Mountain State.


Blog Posts

Be More with Less : 7 Ways to Prevent the Need To UnwindA Simple Life is Messy Too, Calm Down: mini missionFarewell FacebookHow to Build a Simple Exercise Program, How to Live in the Land of Enough: Gratitude, How to Really Take a Day Off, The Little Guide to Getting Simple, Meditation for Real PeopleThe Perfect Gift, Redefine Your Lovely LifeShoot Your Stuff, You are Important Without Technology, and Zen Laundry

benebell wen : Pamela Coleman Smith: The Untold Story

Corporate Style Story : 6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination

Eater : It’s Tough to Eat Well at Highway Rest Stops. Here’s How Eater Editors Do It.

Ennaree : Breaking Out of Comfort Zones, The Bright List for Bad DaysCreating a Gratitude PracticeHow to Nurture Your Wild & Precious Life, I’m Having an Affair (With My Creative Self)Instead of Shopping…, Lay Aside the Load on Your SpiritMy Favorite Food Shows & Documentaries on Netflix, The New Golden Rule (For Self-Care), Random Acts of Self Respect, and The Smart Girl’s Pantry Essentials

Incandescent Tarot : When Daily Draws Just Don’t Feel Right

Refinery29 : 10 Things You Should Throw Away Before 2018

Stay Woke Tarot : Please don’t let anyone buy you your first tarot deck

The Tarot Lady : 78 Tarot Blogs and Websites Worth Checking Out and The Hit List – We’re all just kids



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  1. Thanks for including my post – you’ve curated a great list here and have definetly encouraged me to read more blog and to share this with readers. It’s a great way to find great blogs. Thanks again!

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