recent readings

Recent Readings

Here are some of the articles, blog posts, and essays I’ve read recently!

Articles & Essays

Eating Alone – We’re eating alone more often than in any previous generation. But why should a meal on our own be uninspired? Why shouldn’t the French saying “life is too short to drink bad wine” still apply?

How To Tell the Bad Men From the Good Men – It wasn’t so simple at age 18, writes Caitlin Moran.

Leading Diabetes Charities & Organizations – Learn how you can give back, advocate, and get involved

Queens of InfamyAnne Boleyn, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Joanna of Naples

Redefining the Hero: The Extrapolated Costume Design of “Wonder Woman” – With this trilogy of posts examining a series of heroic female characters in modern adventure films, we want to take a look at the different ways each of them were defined as heroes and how each of those methods of definition encompass a specific approach to adventure film design; the extrapolation approach, the referential approach, and the symbolic approach.

Reversed Aging, Pig Organs, and the Future of Humankind – Predictions from the most influential geneticist of our time

The tarot revival thanks to Brexit, Trump and Dior – In the late 1970s, when Karen Vogel started to create tarot cards at her home in Berkeley, California, she couldn’t have known that they would one day be featured on haute couture catwalks.

The Wheel, the Woman, and the Human Body – How the newly evolved bicycle helped liberate women and modernize America’s concept of fitness.

Why Police Aren’t Welcome At Pride – “Police cannot peacock as allies for one day a year and not expect to be held accountable for their actions the rest of the time.”


Blog Posts

A Life in Progress : How to Live Like Every Day Is Your Favorite

Lavender Moon : Journaling Through the Tarot

Musing : Notes from Ann: Springtime, Death

Radical Tarot : Let’s Talk About Sliding Scales

She Picks Up Pennies : No One Owes You An Apology For Spending MoneyWhy I’m Skipping Starbucks, and Your Stuff Isn’t Worth What You Think

Simplicity Relished : Beyond MinimalismEasy Self-Care Practices, How to Simplify Your Food: A Minimalist Cooking GuideMake a Big Difference With Your Ordinary LifeThe Vulnerability Tradeoff,

Tarot in a Teacup : The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck Review

The Tarot Lady : The Hit List – Sharp Knives,

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