recent readings

Recent Readings

Here are some of the articles, blog posts, and essays I’ve read recently!

Articles & Essays

13 Easy Houseplants for Seasonally Depressed Gays and Their Cats

The Culture Of Camp: Dissecting The Theme Of The Met’s 2019 Exhibition

Isabella of Castile: Part One: The Exiled Madwoman’s Daughter

A legislator’s daughter called him out for endorsing an anti-LGBT bill, so he apologized

‘The L Word’ creator Ilene Chaiken on what fans can expect from the reboot

Meg Ryan on romantic comedies, celebrity and leaving it all behind: ‘The feeling with Hollywood was mutual.’

The Met 2019 Exhibition And Gala Theme Has Just Been Revealed: “Camp: Notes On Fashion”

New ‘L Word’ Showrunner Reveals What to Expect From Showtime Sequel

Raising Baby T. Rex: Club Fawn, No Naps, and Reclaiming Procreation

Willow Smith Opens Up About What the Future of Feminism Actually Looks Like

Blog Posts

Be Your Own Mentor : So, You Wrote a Marginalized Protagonist and Voice: Writing Words that Sing

Benebell Wen : Tarot Inspired Life by Jaymi Elford and Your Tarot Depth Year and Triple Goddess Tarot by Jaymi Elford and Franco Rivolli

Candid Cellie : Blogging Resources: Tools for Promotion and Writing Resources: Free Author Marketing

Chani Nicholas : Love Horoscopes – February 2019

Tom and Lorenzo : All their Oscars 2019 fashion commentary

Yes and Yes : 8 relationship habits that will make everything easier, smoother, and more fun

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