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Name: Deanna
Age: 29
Location: Pacific Northwest
Interests: Books, tarot, social history, writing, crystals, astrology, doll collecting and restoration (American Girl, Ball-Jointed Dolls, Barbie Fashionistas, Ever After High), Korean pop music, sewing, Greek mythology, The Sims franchise, animals, anime and manga

About the Blog

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If anything I share benefits me in any way, I will disclose that information in the post.

While I use these posts purely to praise my favorite things, I do not want to imply that there is nothing about them to criticize. If you ever have questions about what some works may contain or triggers you need to be warned for, need receipts for a particular K-pop group or content creator, or if there is anything at all that you would like to have clarified before you look into anything I suggest, please contact me at any time [comments, Instagram DMs, whatever way is best for you] and I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have to the best of my ability.