The Redmond Legacy

I began playing the Redmond family in October. They are a typical ten generation legacy family, and each child born in the main house is named after a character or person relating to something I’m currently interested in. (Fictional characters, band members, ball-joint doll sculpts, historical figures, etc.) My goal is to play through, and document, ten generations of the family.


redmond legacy

Table of Contents


Generation One


Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2
Chapter 1.3
Chapter 1.4
Chapter 1.5

Generation 1 & 2 Profiles


Generation Two


Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 2.5
Chapter 2.6

Generation 3 Profiles


Generation Three


Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3.3
Chapter 3.4
Chapter 3.5

Generation 4 Profiles


Generation Four

05-28-18_6-17-56 PM

Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4.2
Chapter 4.3
Chapter 4.4

Generation 5 Profiles



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